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With the exception of no. 8, all these materials were created with Flash 5 and Flash MX.
Please note that some of the materials will be slow to download with a modem connection.
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1 - Flash Tutorials:
a) Flash animation basics: draw an aeroplane and make it fly (Word document)
Online Tutorials:
b) Create a menu button with an ActionScript 2.0 class
c) Visual interface to test for KeyCode and Ascii code
d) Visible objects - path identifier
e) Rotate a video clip (Landscape to Portrait) within the FLVPlayer

2 - A children's game -- "Build-A-Sheep" (Flash) "
Build a sheep from the selection of sheep-bodyparts given. You can scale, rotate, flip and colour each part individually.
3 - Computers Don't Bite (Flash)   Produced: July-Dec 2001
A beginners' computing tutorial in six parts that explains about the different parts of a computer and gives some basic training in the use of the mouse. Navigation buttons allow the user to move onward to the next section or go back to repeat a previous section throughout most of the tutorial.
4 - Keyboard Tutorial - part 1 (Flash)   Produced: Oct 2002 - Mar 2003.
A beginners' tutorial in the use of the computer keyboard. The user is instructed to type simple words and phrases. The difficulty increases throughout the tutorial - beginning with typing lower-case letters followed by capitals, with the use of Caps Lock and the Shift Key. At the end of the tutorial, the user must make a correction to a deliberate mistake in the spelling of the current date. Once the tutorial is completed, the game below is loaded at the click of a button.
5 - Game: Save the eggs (Flash)   Produced: Mar-May 2003.
A bird flies across the top of the sceen, dropping eggs which bear random letters, numbers and symbols. The user must press the keys required to get the characters as displayed on the eggs, before the eggs hit the ground. If the user does this, then the egg is 'saved' by a parachute which suddenly opens. If an egg hits the ground, it will smash. There are three levels: (1) Lower-case letters and numbers, (2) Upper-case letters plus symbols, (3) Random mixture of characters in both levels 1 & 2. When eight eggs have been saved, the user advances to the next level, except in the case of level 3, in which case the user is greeted with a message of congratulations that they have finished the game successfully. If five eggs are smashed on one level, the game is lost.
There are navigation controls that allow the user to switch between levels at any time, thus enabling the game to be lengthened or quickened if the user so desires.
6 - Keyboard Tutorial - part 2 (Flash)   Produced: May-Aug 2003.
A selection of six demonstrations and six practice sessions in further use of the keyboard. Skills covered include the use of the Home, Insert, End, Backspace and Enter keys plus some basic use of the mouse in word-processing such as positioning the cursor at a particular point in a paragraph and double-clicking the mouse to select an entire word.
When one demonstration has been visited or if one practice session has been successfully completed, a tick appears on the appropriate button on the main menu to indicate that this is so.
7 - Basic Mouse Skills Tutorial (Flash)   Produced: May-Aug 2003.
A two-part tutorial that tests students on awareness of the different parts of a computer and gives basic practice in the use of the mouse. The first part of this tutorial is taken from section 5 of Computers Don't Bite.
For Students of English As A Foreign Language (tests created in Flash):
8 - Intermediate Reading Tests:Test 1 , Test 2 , Test 3   Produced: Feb-May 2003.
Intermediate tests of vocabulary and grammar, 20 questions each.
9 - Advanced Reading Test : Test 4
For intermediate to upper-intermediate level students.(American English)
10 - Listening Test, 20 questions (Flash - Projector)
(This is a .exe file and does not work on Mac) Produced: Feb-May 2003.
A stand-alone program. For intermediate to upper-intermediate level students.
11 - Game: Match the Pairs (Flash)    Produced: Feb-May 2003.
A selection of drag-and-drop activities. The user must drag words/phrases from a list on the left to the words/phrases on the right. If the user drops a word/phrase in the wrong place, it is returned to its original position and an unhappy face appears on the screen. If the user drops a word/phrase in the correct place, they are rewarded with a smiley-face animation.
An external file, using XML accompanies this file. Teachers can edit this file to change the existing activities and add more to the list.
12 - Game: Paint a House (Flash)   Produced: Jan-Feb 2003.
An activity in which the user chooses from a selection of colours with which to paint the different parts of a house. When the house is fully painted, a text is generated that describes the house and its colours and there is a button inviting the user to print out the finished article.
For High-School Science Students:
13 - The Oxygen Molecule    Produced: Feb 2003.
An interactive animation to illustrate how covalent bonding works in the oxygen molecule.
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