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Open Floor Expressive Dance

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What happens in an Open Floor Dance session? These Expressive Dance (also called Conscious Dance) classes are inclusive, interactive sessions for people of all ages and abilities. Music is typically used during a class, and at times there may not be music, according to the needs of the group during the session. There are innumerable ways we can describe Open Floor Dance:

  • It’s a free-movement practice.
  • It’s a meditation.
  • It’s a means to release the tensions of the day.
  • It’s a space to connect with ourselves and others.
  • It’s a process through which we can get closer to knowing, finding, creating what we really want.
  • It’s a vehicle to drive towards the change we are seeking.
  • It’s a tool to help us find rootedness on uncertain ground.
  • It’s a meeting with the here-and-now (and every time this can be different).

What are the benefits of Expressive Dance?

Expressive dance has been shown to give people:

  • Greater ability to deal calmly with difficult situations.
  • Strength to move forward/break through personal barriers.
  • Empowerment in their choices - whether minor, life-transforming or anywhere in between.
  • Courage to express their interests, preferences and needs where they may have previously felt too inhibited.
  • Develop an enhanced feeling of well-being.

About me

Adam Frost

My name is Adam Frost. I work as a support worker with adults who have learning disabilities; outside of paid work, my main passion is expressive dance. In May 2015, I started the Open Floor teacher training as I feel strongly drawn to a career running expressive dance classes for others. Now, in 2017, having completed the training I am working towards offering classes primarily to the learning disability community. I am also a member of the International Movement Teacher Association (IMTA).

About Open Floor

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Open Floor is a school dedicated to the Common Good through the study, practice, and teaching of embodied dance. The Founders of Open Floor (Andrea Juhan, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman and Vic Cooper) have taught thousands of students and trained hundreds of teachers over the past 35 years. Along with a seasoned, talented international team of Open Floor teachers, we are excited to pass on what we’ve learned to the next generation of dance and movement leaders, as well as those in service to people in "non-dance floor" settings. Conscious dance practices are flourishing all over the world -- the perfect and necessary medicine for our increasingly troubled and digitized planet.

About IMTA

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The International Movement Teachers Association is an independent professional association, created in 2013 to support and represent teachers of dance meditation and conscious movement. Its members are dedicated to serving people in being more fully alive, creative, original and authentic in their self-expression, primarily through using the medium of the body-in-motion.